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Annual Conferences

The International Council on Korean Studies (ICKS) hosts annual conference independently or jointly with other organizations at designated time and place. The annual conference is the first of two major activities in order to achieve ICKS goals and objectives. The Board of Directors creates the Program Committee of the Conference each year to develop the conference program according to available fund. The theme of conference has been recommended by the Board of Directors based on its Strategic Plan.

Journal Publications

The International Journal of Korean Studies (IJKS) is a biannual journal of Korean studies, published by the ICKS until 2007, but jointly with the Council on Korea-U.S. Security Studies. The publication of IJKS is the second of two major activities of ICKS. The journal has been funded by the organizations such as Korea Society, Korea Foundation, Korea Research Foundation, and others to promote Korean Studies in America. The Editorial Committee reviews submitted papers, which were sent to the Editorial Advisory Board Members for further reviews if necessary. The qualified papers from the ICKS annual conferences were recommended to be published.

Other Activities

Other activities contributing to objectives of the Council are organized by various committees. In 2001, the Council published the conference proceedings jointly with the Institute of Peace Studies. Chumgon Kim and Hang Yul Rhee, eds., North-South Korean Engagement and Perspectives of International Relations, Seoul: Institute for Peace, 2001, a Korean version.